The customer has the legal right to withdraw from their purchase (complete or partial) to verify that it is really the desired product, without the company requiring justification. This right extends during the 14 calendar days following the date of receipt of the order notified by the transport company.

To qualify for this right, the customer must keep the product in its original packaging (whenever possible) and in perfect condition, performing a manipulation no larger than necessary to know its nature. If greater handling decreases the value of the product, the customer will be responsible. Before making the reimbursement, a check of the products will be made to confirm that they arrive in optimal conditions.

In case of receiving a defective product or with any tare you should contact us to tell us as soon as possible, to register the problem and contact the manufacturer, being able to choose between the return of money or the resend of a new product.

To indicate the withdrawal of the order and to identify it, you must remind us of a document indicating the products that are returned and the information of your order (for example, the order number) and the name and address where it was made in the shipment . This document can be included in the package or sent electronically to contacto@masandrada-consulting.com. It is the client’s right not to indicate reasons for the return. In any case, to facilitate the management by the company, we ask that the client contact us by phone or email indicated in the footer.

In any case, the refund will be made within 14 calendar days following the receipt of the products at our address. In case of unjustified delay of this payment, the client has the right to claim twice the amount owed.

The customer must pay the shipping costs to our products address.

If you have received a gift item, you can withdraw it with the same conditions according to the usual procedure and our Return Policy, the amount being refunded to the person who made the purchase and in the same form of payment used.

All returned orders will be sent to the address:

  • B-10419935
  • Ronda de los Llanos nº 2, 10190, Casar de Cáceres.